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Steering boxes

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Several years ago I bought a steering box at a junk yard. It came off a 75 or 76 T-bird. To my surprise it has a turn from lock to lock of 3.5 the standard Ford unit is 4.1 turns.(This the steering wheel as you turn it from left to right the amount of turns that it is needed.)Unfortunely the ID tag was bent off .I installed this on my old Torino and it had a tighter feel.Does anyone know any info on this steering box? I think the gear ratio is 16 to 1, the regular ford is 21.8 to 1.The info I am looking for is the tag number from ford.Two if it was a ford option.It does have ford on the casting.Don't forget it did come off a old T-bird.Three where to get another one,believe me your car will have a better steering feel. P.S. the one I have is not for sale, it that much better than the original unit.
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I have had 24 views does anyone have a clue.Any leads will help.
Psqare75 Just refreshed my memory.The box I have is 3 turns lock to lock.It had 1.5 turns from center to left or right like most old GM's and 1980's crown vic's.If you driven a Monte Carlo or a Nova from the mid 70 period it will feel like that.Remember the the steering of the torinos are copy of a 65 galaxie.When I drive at 85 mph the steering has more feel to it. The box is not a saginaw unit it is a ford cast box.The T-bird box will fit on any 65 to 78 full size ford.Or any 72 to 79 Torino and ltd II type car.I can't remember in what car magazine they tested a old T-bird and the specs had 3 turns lock to lock.
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