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Ok I thught I was going to change out one piece but now I have a bunch to replace and could use some help on identification and locating parts.
1st when you buy a blinker kit do you get all of this assembly?

Is this part included? If not what is it called?

This bearing was inset in the first housing behind a C ring. Is it supposed to have a rubber bushing that goes around it? Is this one the upper bearing?

This is the shaft end and colum. Is there suposed to be another bearing or spacer in here to keep the shaft from moving in the colum? The was the washher below that is pplastic and has dimples in it and the was a c ring on the shaft about a 1/2" above the shift collar.

SORRY I FORGOT THIS IS A 1967. Sorry so long just trying to get this thing ready for my son so he can start driving it. your help is much appreciated the book I have is hard to understand.
OK found a good part # for the blinker parts. Still need info on the steering bearing.
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