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steering trouble

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we got the break going just fine and now the steering seems loose we have power steering and going down the road it real floaty don't know if its the power steering part or something else just to the point he might get pulled over for weaving lol got any ideas ??????
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Check the ragjoint. They wear out and that'll give you sloppy steering.
what is a ragjoint sorry never heard of it
Dumb question but what year car? It might not even have one.

Are all the suspension parts new or tight? Is all the PS stuff rebuilt or tight? Have you had it aligned?

If yes, then either it's the overassisted nature of the factory PS or something's still wrong.

I can steer my buddy's factory PS 73 Dart with one finger, just to give an example of how overassisted the factory PS systems were.
What year is your vehicle? Could also be the steering box is loose.
ohh its real easy to steer but it feels sloppy loose
You won't have rag joint if you have '65. Get another person to move the steering wheel and you start looking for parts that don't move when they should be moving when the steering wheel moves. First place to look is the steering box. The pitman arm should move when the steering wheel moves. If not, you might be able to tighten up the box with the adjustment stud/nut on top. It might need a rebuild. And so on down the line as you look for parts that don't move when the moving parts are trying to move it. Makes sense?
ok thanks start looking this weekend
Sometimes ford P/S has overly power too, i had a 67 cougar that had thet problem so since I'm a plumber I put a tee between the power and return lines of the P/s lines and a needle valve between them, so basically I could adjust the amount of power assist available by opening or closing the valve, opening it would bleed off the amount of power assi though the return line.

It worked great

my 67 vert
My money's on the steering box. Check all your tie rod ends also, if they get sloppy that can cause it too.
Make sure that the brakes are free. I had the same problem with my 63 Fairlane after I put on disc. I put on everything from the steering box to the wheelbearing I mean everything (springs, shocks,tierod ends, ball joints, control arm bushing upper and lower, drag link) after all that I found that the brake caliper on the left side was draging just a SMALL amount. What I did was take a screw driver and pushed the caliper all the way back and went for a test ride without using the front brakes (I used the emergency brake) after a few miles you will know if you have a braking draging. One thing about it I have a new front suspension under my Fairlane but It cost alot of money.
Has it been aligned recently?

Check your strut rod bushings - a buddy's '66 got real drifty on the road and would pull to a random side when he would brake. He replaced the strut rod bushings and it got much better. In fact, any sloppy bushings can cause that "floaty" feeling.
Check the Sector Shaft paly on top of the Pitman Shaft at the steering box.

I just spent a week sorting out the same issue on my '70 Coupe only to find out that the sector shaft follower was backed out 3-1/2 turns. Now she drives like a new car. Nice and tight, but not too tight. No slop and ttracks great!

There are a bunch of "How-Too" articles out there to walk you through it. The main thing is not to get it too tight off center, due to wear in the sweet spot.
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