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Notice! $10,000.00 Reward

Dear fellow Ford admirers:

My 1971 Ford, Custom 500, 429 CJ police interceptor pkg car is still missing ( I may have a lead on the motor, however, and it came from Florida, too! The car was stolen out of Daytona Beach, FL., whose police dept. has not and will not be investigating it. The only person investigating this unfortunate matter since kno9wing about it, ...has been me (a former cop with at least some investigative skills from 30 years ago. I have received a lot of help from the Washington State Patrol, of all people, with a Det. SGT. of their "auto theft squad" I am still offering a $1,000.00 reward to any person(s) who locate this very rare, (only 1 out of only 5 cars like this known to exist) very collectible, and, quite significent to Law Enforcement history. Please help me to getthis car back to where it belongs I may be reached via email at: [email protected], usc42[email protected], or please call me anytime at: (860) 639-6699. Thank you all so very much for your help and very kind assistance re: the above captioned matter. I am,

Very Respectfully,

Bill Parks
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