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Hi this is my first post so here goes.
I have a 65 Falcon Sprint with a stock 289 that was rebuilt by the previous owner.
I would like to but performance heads, cam, intake, carb and headers on it, here is my question. What lift cam and Edelbrock heads could I use with the stock pistons.


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First of all, welcome! It depends on a lot of other things to give you the correct answer to this question. You need to provide info such as car weight (should be 3000 lbs or so unless it's be radically modified), gear ratio, tire size, transmission type, carb size and intake you plan to use as well as your intended use (ie: street, street/strip, etc.).

On a basically stock engine with low compression you're most likely looking at their Performer head and a cam with not much duration and lift maybe in the mid to high .400 range, say .475. More head and cam will make less power on a stock bottom end build. You can call the manufactures or a place like Summit Racing or Jegs. Unless you're getting a deal on Edlebrock stuff don't limit yourself to their stuff. I've always been a fan of their manifolds but there are lots of other manufactures out there with equally or better stuff. Not saying anything bad, just shop around first so you're more informed on what's available.

As far as carb goes I'd stick with a vacuum secondary Holley in the 580-600 CFM range. On this type of build you'd probably be better off with a short tube header also, and a 2" dual exhaust system.

If the rest of the car is stock you're probably running 2.80 reanend gears or something in that range. Going with a ratio like a 3.50:1 will make a dramatic improvement in performance even on an otherwise stock car. I would save money somewhere and make that a priority addition to this hop-up. :D

I'm sure I missed something but others will chime in I'm sure.

Good luck!

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