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stock rods in a 393, Need help

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Hey guys I'm trying to help my buddy get a 393 together problem is what started out as a very low budget build is now just leading to lots of questions.
Heres what he has so far
Eagle 3.85 crank
probe pistons
Holley system max heads
is going to use
custom HFT cam from cam research (not spected yet)
eather vic jr or airgap intake
His goal is to make around 450 FW/HP and then add 150 shot of spray.
Will the stock rods hold up to this? He has already bought a set of ARP bolts for them but is now starting to second quess using them. Rods are out of a late 70's ltd so they are NOT truck rods.

Anyone have a set of after market rods they would want to sell for a good price?
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Why use stockers when Eagle I beam rods at Summit are $299, rated to 700HP and 7500 RPM. Budget parts are just that - until it breaks.
I would agree, with the cost of adding good bolts and reconditioning it is worthwhile considering a set of Import H beams. Though they are nowhere near as good as the Quality Higher end rods (Oliver, Manley, Lunati, Crowers, Ect.), They are alot stronger than stock passenger rods and only $100-200 more than a recondition and a set of ARP bolts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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