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stroker application question

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Many of the guys on here are building strokers for 90% street use. I want to know why, other than race class limits, would a guy ever want to run a 3.75" crank as opposed to the 3.85" crank, or the even a 4" crank.

As I see it, a 3.85" stroke crank will cost as much as a 4" stroke crank, as well as entire 393 and 408 stroker kits. It seems to me that most street/strip applications wont see much past 6500 rpm, which a 4" cast crank for a windsor is more than capable of achieving. I just don't understand why you would pay the same money for a kit with less cubes than a 408.

I would like your insight.
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The rest of the 393 stuff is a lot cheaper. Uses cheaper than dirt 302 pistons and stock 351 rods. With a 408 you have to buy more expensive pistons and custom rods.

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Not saying it was a great idea. It was just asked why anyone would do it. A big part of it is that Ford sells a 393 engine based on the 351 using a Scat crank. They use a lot of Ford stock parts in them. I guess it would be a public relations problem to use chevrolet bearings as they would have to with the longer stroke cranks. Who knows.
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