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Hey guys,

I got myself a nice little 82 GT over the winter. when i got it the car had 331 that was built by a very reputable shop in my area and a broken T5. since went with a mighty mite c4 and want to step the motor up to a 408 build of my own. with that i have a lot of stuff i plan to unload and was just wondering the opinion of some fellow sbf guys what would be a reasonable price range ((Canadian)) to ask for it all. I plan to sell the motor complete with full exhaust system and thinking about throwing in the ignition system as well as id like to upgrade from the old 6al with the rpm chips and go with maybe a 7 for more options.

here is a list of what i have and would be selling.

stock block 331 with all forged internally balanced rotating ((thiink its eagle)) 9.5 compression
Quick Fuel ss-650-an carb
Vic. Jr intake
Custom HR cam
1.6 roller rockers
AFR 165's
looks like heads, intake, valvecovers are all studded and all ARP stuff everywhere
Ford Racing valve covers
MSD billet dist.
High flow water pump
7qt oil pan
BBK ceramic coated long tube headers
BBK h-pipe
Flowmasters dumped
MSD 6al

also would let it go with a neutral balance flexplate, and a neutral balance sfi flywheel w/bolts and have a steel bellhousing off the t5 so would have parts for either auto or manual lol.

hoping to fund a bit of the 408w swap anyway lol.

My plans are to strip it down a bit and put all the interior stuff away. have a new kirkey seat to go in. work on the lips and wheel wells a bit to get some 28x10.5 slicks under it. my goal is to run some 10.xx on motor and maaay touch it with some spray later and some weekend street cruising. car already had frame connectors, driveshaft loop, some suspension work, good axles etc.. i guess the second question is you guys think id be on the right track

stock block 408w
850-950ish carb
super vic
afr 205
fti custom cam. not sure if should go hydraulic or solid for the street use? lean on solid.

mighty mite c4 w/ bracket brake, 4000 stall
8.8 rear with 4.10s
28x10.5 slicks

maybe 100-150 shot if the mood strikes.

car would be all steel for now minus fiberglass hood and be pretty much gutted.

Thanks for any input guys.
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