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I recently picked up some new 460 parts for very cheap, they were rebuilt years ago and it looks like they sat in an unheated shop and gathered a little surface rust.

On the heads (d3's) the rust came off and, though the surface is perfectly smooth some of the surface rust discolored the metal below it. Is this an issue?

I had the same issue on the big ends of the connecting rods, they cleaned up perfectly smooth but you can see staining? where the rust used to be. will this be an issue?

Also I noticed a few of the new (in the box) clevlte 77 bearings have some spots of surface rust on the sides and back of the bearings (rod bearings) and I also noted some odd spots on the face as well that were slightly raised. I tried scratching at them with my fingernail and they seem to become smooth again but I wonder if I am hurting the bearing doing this, or if they are worth the effort.

I also noted some of the same type of rust on the lifters as well (cleans off but leaves staining).

I also noticed that the oil pump does not rotate by hand. the outside of the pump has no rust on it. it is a standard volume pump.
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