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Hello all,

As this is my first post, I'd like to say hello to everyone.

I purchased a 1966 Falcon Futura Sports Coupe that has had Granada spindles installed in the front. I need new outer tie-rods, and I need to know which are the correct ones for my setup.

EDIT: Forgot to mention....the Granada setup is from a '76 and my car has power steering.

Another edit (lots of editing...) Falcon is a 289 automatic car. Not sure if all this stuff matters but I figured I'd mention it.

The Granada units (Moog PN ES445RL) are way too short in length, and the ones that the Falcon would use (ES359R) are the correct length but are the wrong size to fit inside the spindles. Maybe I need to swap out the inner tie-rods and sleeves also???

Please help if you can!


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im not sure but i think they make a special outer tie rods.
i also believe you can purchase a reamer to use on the spindle to make the falcon rod work.
check this link.

hope this helps and good luck with youre ride.

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Yeah, you can purchase tie rod adapters from, for about $40.00 for a set (2) then use the original tie rods for the Falcon.
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