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I've search, see links below.

Ok, my C4 tranny rebuild is complete. A good friend tested it on a dyno and it looks good.
He used reg fuild for it...

Can I switch to Synthetic fluid? I don't see much of a problem other than the cluthes have soaked in Type F for a long time.

Also, At the store they only carry Mobil 1 in 0 - 30w or 0-40. Would 0 - 30w be ok? Everyone is talking about 0-20w in the below links. (Havn't checked wally world if they've the 5 qt in 0-20)

Or just save up and get the 2.5 Gallon of Amsoil Tranny fluid?
(Plan on dunking the tranny a time or two in water as it's in a 4x4)
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