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T-5 Problem?

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I am trying to swap the gears from a 4 cylinder T5 to a V8 T5. I have found the kit to do so. The problemis that the input shaft from the 4cly. is 3/8 inch longer than the V8 specs. Can I still use this input shaft? If not, can I have this one machined to the shorter specs?
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I think you'll find the diameter of the shaft where it goes into the crank is smaller also on the 4 cyl shafts as with the length. You can probably use it but with the 4 cyl pilot bearing. I my self woul not use it behind a 5.0 with any hp.
The 4cyl T5 has little to nothing in common with the 5.0 T5.
you can use the pilot bearing for a late 70's volvo, this is waht A friend told me who knows more about cars. but i have never tired it so don't quote me
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