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If the current drive shaft is too long, its just too long...there is no yoke that will make it shorter.
How much slip travel should I have?
In most applications, the minimum is 3/4 inch and more than 1 inch is not necessary. This is measured with the rear suspension supported on safety stands or with the rear end on the ground.
You can get a yoke with a different spline count, you can get a combination U-joint, one that mates a 1310 and 1330
What is the difference between 1310, 1330 and 1350 Series?
The "series" of a driveshaft or universal joint is determined by the actual dimensions of the u-joint. While the front and rear u-joint can be of two different sizes the shaft is only as strong as the smaller one. The 1310 series u-joint measures approximately 3 1/4 inches wide. The 1330 and 1350 both measure approximately 3 5/8 wide. The 1310 and 1330 series can have cap diameters of 1 1/16 and/or 1 1/8 inch or a combination of both sizes. The 1350 series has a cap diameter of 1 3/16 inch and the body and journals are bigger than the 1310 or 1330. Remember 1350 is almost never found in production car driveshafts.
or you can take some time going thru the junk yard - if you can find one which has early model cars (harder and harder to do in EPA - conscious California).

You can't park a 20 ft long car in a 19 ft space.
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