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T5 Conversion

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Hi All. I am new around these parts and looking a little lost in the world of T5's

I am trying to fit a 2004 model T5, which has all the insides pulled out and replace with top notch racing gear (box built for worked Ford BA XR6 Turbo race car - heavily modified engine), into a 1987 XF Fairmont Ghia. My problems with this conversion are long and varied such as extension housing is longer than previous model T5's know to fit in XF's, no input sensor for speedo as the cars this particular box goes into uses wheel sensors for speedo. My largest and yet unsolved mystery is this:

Does the input shaft of the 2004 model T5 share the same properties as the models produced in the nineties? Finding Clutch kits to suit will be difficult as it will be bolted on the back of a 4.0Ltr SOHC Aussie 6 engine, so it also needs to suit the fly wheel. If the 2004 T5 shares same properties as the earlier model finding parts will be much easier.

Is there a tech document on the newer T5's on here?


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i think you'll find this australian ford question answered better by an australian website like
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