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well sold my t5. guy didnt want the hydraulic assembly.

no work has forced me to cut back on car stuff.

parts are all new, mounted for visual but never hooked up or used

the hydraulic setup is a CNC slave cylinder capable of pushing even a high powered clutch. with a custom cnc'd bracket to mount to the transmission. 30" of 4an braided steel line and 4an fittings to the transmission and to the Wilwood master cylinder. the 4an line will push and hold more pressure than the 3an lines most people offer, and can be a substantial upgrade to soften pedals and give a all around better feel and performance tweaking than that of a cable (similar setups sell for 450-700$ by themselves)

312 shipped

it will come with the bracket to mount to the clutch pedal and will come with a Wilwood master cylinder part number 260-1304
Wilwood Aluminum Master Cylinders 260-1304 -

it was designed for a 69 fairlane/69 mustang should have no problem getting this to work with a classic muscle car pedal and the muscle car fords 65-73, should also work in the foxbody mustangs and adaptable to many other setups as well

doesnt come with the long shifter handle. would have been good if i wanted the big rig feel in my fullsize truck though haha
also whats not included in the pics BUT DOES COME WITH IT are the AN fittings to adapt the 4an line to the slave cylinder and to the master cylinder. the master cylinder side is a banjo fitting, the slave cylinder side is just an adaptor fitting

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