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Hi - new to this forum. I know there have been a few posts on this subject. Just looking to hear the latest on this type of swap and perhaps the best/cheapest kits available from the US?

I have a South African built Ford Capri Perana which basically a European styled MK1 3.0 litre Capri fitted with the Ford 302 V8 lump and running gear from a 1971 Mustang or Falcon.

I wish to change the transmission from Auto to manual. The car is Right Hand Drive.

I have a Borg Warner T5 World Class box serial 1352-184.

The engine is 1971 build.

Who does the correct bell-housing, fly wheel, clutch plate, clutch rod, ring gear etc (kit) to assist with the conversion? Cable clutch doesn't bother me.

I live in U.K.

I can provide more info if you need it. Not sure of gear box input shaft size - other than it's 23 spline.

thanks Chris

ps here's a link to my site with the gearbox pictured

here's the car when finished:-
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