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Had a interesting experience with the TCS on my 05 GT.
I had parked in a parking lot and while I was doing my bussiness the base snow plows (In normal non thinking fashion) plowed the exit to lot closed.
Well needless to say I needed to get out.
So I decided to snowplow a way out since the snow was rather soft.
Anyway I push up agianst the mound and start pushing and the TCS system kicks in.
The engine is for sure un-torquing and trying to control the wheel spin.
So I back up a bit and try another stab at it.
Well here is the interesting part.
I am agianst the mound and the TCS is engaged while keep increasing the gas.
Next thing my foot is on the floor and the engine is at idle like I was in park.
Not like the engine is fighting to gain rpm like when power braking; but in Park at idle.
Totally blew me away. The Throttle by Wire system has some interesting aspects to say the least.
Needless to say I switched the TCS off after taking my foot out of it and blew right through the mound tires a spinnin.
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