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Hello JIM4,

I have a few thoughts for you to consider. First on the oil pressure gauge and light that's easily doable. All you need is a Tee junction on the oil filter housing oil feed port to house both the original switch sender for the lamp and the oil pressure transducer for the electric gauge.

The temperature lamps and gauge will be a bit more tricky as there is only one real good port on the intake to put a sensor in the constantly circulating coolant. Since you have a heater only car you have coolant flow through your heater core at all times (unlike factory air con cars) you could rig one of the senders in line with the heater core but that's probably going to look bad.

I don't know what your expertise level is in electronics but you could use the S&W gauge sender in the original coolant switch port in the intake and then monitor that variable gauge voltage by means of high impedance comparators and set the trip points on the comparators for the COLD and HOT lamps so thier functionality is retained. With this method you could adjust the trip points and know what temperature the HOT and COLD lamps turn on and off. Of course you'll need a little hysteresis built in to the comparators and that's easy enough.

Just ideas.

1966 galaxie 7 litre vert.
I just rebuilt my motor and don’t like the dummy lights in the dash. Don’t want to over heat or not know if I loose oil pressure. So I want to add electric oil and temp gauges in the least intrusive way possible.
Going for total stock in the restoration and don’t want to cut wiring, drill holes or make these changes that cannot be undone. Whom ever buys this car after me can do what they want with these changes. Put it back to stock, leave the changes or leave them so they can see temp and oil pressure.
is It possible to have dummy lights and two new gauges working at same time???
I need some ideas of choices on the gauges too. Also, looking for electrical gauges not mechanical. So far, I am looking at this SW gauge

and this one for oil

I was thinking maybe a fold down bracket for bottom of dash. That way I could fold up and not see it at shows???
Any ideas?

thanks View attachment 172189
This is what I did and my dummy gauges still work also. If you wanted to take the gauges back off, just unscrew the bracket. The mounting holes are on the bottom lip of the dash and don't show. As I recall one of the bracket mounting holes was already in position from the factory.
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