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I did a preliminary test fit of the steeda 3 point torque box brace on my car yesterday. It does seem like I will run into some issues.

First off for those that don't know what I'm talking about here is the link to the brace:

Steeda Mustang Three Point Frame Rail & Torque Box Brace - Made in the USA 555-5551

I took the pass. side brace out to the car for the test fit, right away I noticed that because my car has the track pkg. the axle cooler lines are tucked in tight between the pass. outer frame rail (where the frt. part of the lower control arm is bolted) and the gas tank, the lines are held in place there via a bracket and bolt screwed into a threaded hole in the frame (one part of the brace is attached there with the factory bolt in that hole), wedging the part of the brace between the frame and the axle cooler lines are going to be interesting. It probably can be done but I'm not ready to start possibly pushing or bending axle cooler lines a significant amount to get the brace on.

Second thing is where the brace attaches to the inner frame rail. I believe Ford has made a change in the frame on the later S197 cars compared to the earlier models. To install the brace you are supposed to remove the little rubber air deflectors under the car just in frt and inboard of the rear wheels. The picture they show in the instructions show 3 fasteners to be loosen to remove the deflector (2 nuts on the outer edges of the deflector and 1 bolt in the middle which is threaded into a hole in the inner frame). The inner frame part of the brace is attached there with the bolt that was removed to take off the deflector. However, on my car there is no middle bolt (just the 2 nuts on each side of the deflector), the inner frame has a hole there where the bolt should be but it is not a threaded hole so I see no way of attaching the brace there short of welding it on.

I did take a look at the driver's side brace and where it would go on the car. Driver's side is more straight forward but I still have the issue on the inner frame rail there.

So, short of welding the brace to the inner frame rail any ideas as to how I can attach the brace there?


some pics:

above pic shows the deflector held on by 2 nuts, in the middle of the deflector is a hole which lines up with the hole in the inner frame rail. This is the hole that according to steeda's instructions is threaded with a bolt also holding the deflector in place there (but not on my car). When you install the brace the inner part of the brace is bolted through that hole with the factory bolt.

Second pic shows the axle cooler lines beside the pass. outer frame rail and the gas tank. The bracket on top holds the lines in place and the back part of the brace fits there using the bolt shown to bolt it down. It looks to be a tight fit as it is, it will get really tight wedging the back part of the brace in there to line up the bolt hole and the bracket to thread the bolt in. The curved bracket below holds the parking brake cable that will be removed when the brace is installed.

Last pic shows the inner frame rail after the deflector is removed, the hole that should be threaded is the top hole out of the three shown but as you can clearly see it is just a hole (no threads).
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