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Hello, new to the site but have found lots of info so far, however I have a rather unique situation I could use some guidance on. Couple weeks ago, I scored a 1984 LTD station wagon, halfway between family truckster and family trackstar. It’s the downsized model on the fox platform, so the previous owner stuffed it full of goodies like a 5 lug 8.8, built 5.0, 5 speed trans, so on and so forth. Seems like the only thing wagon underneath this thing is the rear springs. I was told that drivetrain is basically complete other than a few odds and ends, only major components left are fuel tank and lines (Motor was fuel injected but converted to carb, tank was missing) And some wiring underneath the hood. I was told I just needed to hook up a brain box and it should fire. All fine and dandy, but when I got it home and popped the hood, I notice a couple different setups going on. It looks like the factory duraspark harness hookups are mostly there, there is a 4 prong plug coming from the firewall, and the distributor is vacuum advance with the 3 wire round plug. However, the motor is a 94 302, and on the passenger side I see a tfi coil and harness, they go all the way back to the firewall, where the wires split Into a round 4 prong plug and a strange flat 2 prong connector. And to complicate the situation I got myself an msd 6a module, whose instructions say I can use It with duraspark or tfi, but not both. So, can I use this coil with this distributor And ignition module setup etc., or do I need a canister style coil? I can’t find much info on these ltds, I just got an old Fairmont book which I’ve been trying to decipher wiring diagrams on but not getting very far. Even if I change coils, what the heck do I need to tap into? Can I still use this harness without said coil since the wire colors seem the same as the ones in the diagram? Let me know what you guys think and thank you in advance. Getting this beast running is all I can think about right now

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You are in the wrong forum, this is where you post things you have solved or built. Recommend moving it to the "All Ford Tech Board"

However, it does look like you have a Duraspark mixed with some TFI wiring at first glance
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