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Hey guys Ive got one for you. Without using desktop dyno to do this, just off the top of your head, your own knowledge!, could you guestimate the horsepower output for my cleveland.
351C 2 Bolt block
2V Heads- rebuilt to stock specs
9.5:1 compression
Weiand X-celerator single plane intake
Holley 750 not yet tuned but will be
All MSD ignition, distributor, 6a box
Underdrive pulleys from ford motor sports
Crane H-288-2 Cam 528/536 lift, 226 230 duration lobe centerline is like 110?
double roler timing chain
1 7/8 headers long tubes, dual 3 inch exhaust 2 chamber flows

I know what desk top dyno says but I would like some real world estimates. Thanks guys.
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