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hi i'm new here and this is my first post
i'm gettting a plan together for a 49 f-3 it has a 351w fmx and the oem rearend right now. the 351w is going to be rebuild to 350hp/400tor.ballpark. ive found an aod from a 88 grand mar.(302) free. and looking for a 8.8 explor. rearend. truck wt around 3500# use will be a fun cruiser with a little snap throught the gears but fair to good mph
ok here my ?'s.
will a explor rear hold up?
whats the best gear ratio to go with?
what gear ratio is easily located, common?
will the aod hold up to the 351w hp/tor or can it be built too?
what need to be done to the 351 to make around 350hp/400tor ?
or is there a better option?
i will be starting with the frame/sup and the moving up. i know its best to match all sysem to get the best performace
which why i ask so many general questions(and have alot more to ask)
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