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hi i'm new here and this is my first post
i'm gettting a plan together for a 49 f-3, it has a 351w fmx and the oem rearend right now. the 351w is going to be rebuild to 350hp/400tor.ballpark. ive found an aod from a 88 grand mar.(302) free. and looking for a 8.8 explor. rearend. truck wt around 3500#. use, will be a fun cruiser with a little snap throught the gears but fair to good mph
ok, here my ?'s.
will a explor rear hold up?
whats the best gear ratio to go with?
what gear ratio is easily located, common?
will the aod hold up to the 351w hp/tor or can it be built too?
what need to be done to the 351 to make around 350hp/400tor ?
or is there a better option?
i will be starting with the frame/sup and the moving up. i know its best to match all sysem to get the best performace
which why i ask so many general questions(and have alot more to ask)


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The Exploder rear will hold up fine but you might want to swap out the plastic cover with a metal one from a Mustang. One good whack with a wrench and the plastic one is junk.

The Exploder rears come with 373, 355, or 410 gears. I'd tend towards 373 or 355s.

The AOD being an 88 is the upgraded version and it should hold up against a 351W. I'd put a shift kit in it anyway and the servo out on a T-bird SC.

There's ten qaudrillion ways to make a 375hp 351W. Easy way is a set of Trickflow heads, XE262 Comp cam, 10.5:1, headers, PerformerRPM intake and 600cfm carb.

I'll do some looking at home but I had planned out a 425hp 351W and it was pretty easy, can't remember what parts I picked though. I spec'd a roller 94-97 block and Trickflow #2 cam, don't remember the rest of the parts though.
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