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C4 yep. I studied it closely under there and was nothing close to it. The pig tail wire was all good with no burn marks. On my original one that the truck had when I bought it the long pig tail had got over on an exhaust pipe and shorted out so that one was explainable. Even after I fixed the wire it was dead so I guess it had burned the contacts inside there. I'm lucky it didn't back up into the ignition switch and kill it too I guess.

These new ones I've bought just croak or come apart. They look and feel like cheap junk except for the wire. I put a jumper in the connector so my truck will crank for now. I'm not going to buy another one of these things if they only last a year or 2. I'm hoping to find a better quality one that will last like the old original ones did.

Ah, no the shift linkage rod has no leaks even before the rebuild. Jay put a new o-ring in it anyway I'm sure when he recently fixed my broken hub part. No leak still around the shift rod.
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