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Before we get going:
this is what i currently have, and I'm aware of the 3g setups and that the oem ford ones are good enough for most people, this isn't what this is about . this is specifically to ask a q on the 1 wire units over time.

I have a tuff stuff 100 amp alternator on the 390, and noticed back in .. may? on along trip that it would start to occasionally charge a bit lower than it had in the past at idle. now, i have an underdrive pulley, not by choice, when i needed a 3 groove to run the ac. this has been on since i built the motor... 2 years ago. its been working fine, and ive had the alternator for 4 years.

my q is: at idle, w ac on, lights, etc, its dropping down to 11.2 v . i went with (last week) a smaller alternator puller, like the smallest one i could get for it. as soon as it gets over a certain rpm, like 1200, (engine) it goes right up to 13.4.

im suspecting, maybe, the internal regulator might be having an issue? has anyone had this issue and cured it with a regulator replacement?

there is a 6ga wire from the + on the alt to the battery cable in good shape, and ground wire from the alt housing to the block ground lug which goes right to the battery and the frame.

12v sening wire id connected, but does the same whether it is or not. idiot light not being used.

so, all the infrastructure seems to be ok. battery is good as well, just fyi.

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