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Thrust bearing and rear main seal install, in the car

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I put new gauges in my 66 Galaxie (289 120,000 original miles) the other day and noticed oil pressure ranged from ten pounds at idle to a high of twenty-twenty five pounds at 3000 rpms and above (fresh oil 10W-30).

Thought I would replace the oil pump, rod and main bearings with the engine in the car.

Got the pan off and pump off, no problem. Replaced all of the rod bearings, and three of the main bearings, no problem.

I stopped for the day as I cannot seem to get the top half of the new thrust bearing started, also, how do I remove the rope rear main seal with the engine in the car? The rear main seal does not leak, but I suspect that after the rear main cap has been removed for the first time in 41 years, the seal should be replaced.

All thoughts are appreciated.

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On 2006-04-05 04:19, Blue Fastback wrote:
You can even try treading a screw into the rear main and pulling it out with pliers. I forgot to mention that you need to remove the small pin thats in the rear cap that use to hold the rope seal in place. It is not needed for the new seal.
That's how I removed a rope seal in a bronco recently.
Also, put a dab of silicone in the hole where the pin used to be to prevent any oil leaks if you will be using a rubber/neoprene seal instead of a rope seal.
The one I did, it kept coming apart as I pulled on it so I turned the crank while pulling on the seal at the same time.
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