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I am kind of doing the same thing as you. From a guy i was communicating with on this forum, i heard that the stock bottom end is very strong, and he makes 500 hp on it and spins it to around 7500 rpm.

I dont know how much power you want to make but i was told by many people that it is reletivily easy to make 400-450 hp. that is kind of what i am looking to do.

The Aussie 2V heads are great because they have the closed chamber compustion chamber, but the smaller valve sizes are great for street use. You can buy complete aussie heads on ebay for $800.

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You can easily make around 400 horsepower and torque with a fairly close to stock bottom end with the Cleveland, but you want to make sure you get some good rod bolts put in (since you will have it apart anyway yo do the rebuild) and a good high volume oil pump (contrary to what many say, the oiling system is more than capable for the street).
A decent book to grab is put out by SA Designs and is called "How to build Max Performance Ford V-8's on a budget". In it there is a build up of a 351 Cleveland using factory 2V heads. The combo is this:
Engine bored .030
Flat top psitons ( they list is as giving 9.25 Compression with 88cc heads, but 2v heads are usually 74 to 77 cc combustion chambers)
Hydraulic Cam with the folowing specs:
110.0 lobe center
Lift: 0.560" intake / 0.585" exhaust
Duration: 232.0 Intake / 236.0 Exhaust
They did add an adjustable valvetrain to the heads (screw in studs, guide plate)
Ecelbrock Dual Plane Intake for the 2V heads
Holey 750cfm Carb
MSD Ignition (they didn't go into detail on the system)
Hedman Headers

With this combo, they spent $3700.00 in parts and another $450 in labor and dyno'd the results as follows:

RPM / Horsepower / Torque
2500 / 142.2 / 373.8
3000 / 183.7 / 383.2
3500 / 225.6 / 393.8
4000 / 273.3 / 409.6
4500 / 319.8 / 418.0
5000 / 360.1 / 420.6 <<Best torque number
5500 / 391.3 / 410.6
6000 / 405.4 / 387.2 <<Best horsepower number

Now you could definately improve upon this by getting a decent roller cam for the engine, and the Aussie heads too...that will up the compression nicely! (lately they have been spotted on Ebay for close to $800, but if you look long enough, they do show up time to time for around $350.00)
But even using the stock open chamber heads, the numbers are good...a little work with a grinder to open up the exhaust a little and do a touch of cleaning, and that too would give a little boost to the numbers (if you use stock heads...loose the stock valves, they are a weak point. Get some single groove valves and better locks and keepers for the valvetrain).
Good Luck!

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