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hi I just joined I'd like to ask for some feedback and advice I have everyone telling me that you have to keep your tires skinny in the rear or while you're driving around to get caught up in the grooves in the road left by semis.

My response to the guys recommending this is I don't drive in the right lane.

However I would like some feedback from TrueCar guys cars going to weigh in at about 2, 000 pounds I'm going to have about 600 horsepower and I plan on driving this thing everywhere was thinking about running something like a 14 or 15 pilot Pro 2 in the back and an 11 and a half maybe 10 at the smallest in the front.

having a lot of people freak out on me saying that the front tires need to be skinny the back tires shouldn't be any bigger than 13 and a half and that I should really try and get the back tires near 11 and a half in the front tires no more than eight and a half.

Anybody out there driving around on some really wide tires like to tell me if it's really the pain in the ass that everybody's making it out to be cuz my idea is a really light car with a whole ton of power that I want to have them corners should have a lot of tire.

I can get more into specifics of what the car has offset and things like that if people want to get technical but really just looking for kind of a hey bud this is what works for me type of deal thanks guys.
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