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Any time that I would drag race my car, before the end of the day the clutch pedal cover would come off and not too long after was the brake pedal cover. Recently I had my pedals out of the car in order to install the roller bearings in the clutch pedal support when I had an idea of how to keep the pedal covers on. I recently put on some new grips on my dirt bike and while I was safety wiring them on I thought to myself, why not apply the same idea to my pedal covers? Here is how it turned out:

Here is the pedal without anything but some glue under the cover in a failed attempt to keep it on the pedal..

And here is the clutch pedal as I started applying the safety wire...

And finally, here is the finished product. Once the pedals were installed it wasn't even noticeable unless you knew about it and were looking for it, and more importantly the pedal covers would be secured for good.

I would like to mention that I am aware that I am missing the chrome trim rings around the pedals. I'm not a big chrome fan, and I believe this way will work better than any chunk of chrome.


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