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Topless at the Beach
It’s no secret that one of the most popular Ford Mustang models in the history of the car is the 1966. In addition, 1966 marked the creation of the millionth Mustang for Ford. Though the Ford Mustangs did well in their sales during the first couple years, the popularity exploded in the year 1966 as people learned to associate the Mustang with power, performance, and prestige. More attractive even than the standard coupe, was the Convertible.
There is something about the Luxury Mustang Convertible that evokes the youthful spirit in everyone. The fountain of youth should not be wasted on children. Adults of various ages and genders still enjoy the Mustang Convertible, unable to suppress their blithe delight when cruising around town insouciantly or perhaps a leisure drive down the coast, with the sun radiant on their skin and the salty sea breeze tousling their hair. It is the car to win over the neighborhood, to attract the most jaw-dropping stares, and inspire emerald green envy in everyone.
Now, we don’t have a beach here in Utah. But that doesn’t mean Utah Ford owners don’t enjoy taking their tops off. In spring and summer, going for a nice, relaxing drive up the canyon or out to the Great Salt Lake can be just as invigorating. The fresh smell of pine in the Utah Mountains is incomparable, and if you’re craving a bit of sea salt, the Great Salt Lake can fill that void until you get around to your next coastal vacation. What better way to enjoy Utah’s great outdoors than with a classic Ford Mustang?
I heard once that the number of Convertible purchases is linked to the number of divorces. If that’s the case, I think most of us are at least entitled to one! However, if you’re happily married then don’t worry; the two of you can enjoy a couples retreat up to the superbly serene Park City while still enjoying all the benefits of your Ford Mustang. Buying a Mustang Convertible is the new golf club! Ladies, it is the new book club. And with so many tongues wagging when you cruise on by, you’re bound to catch a lady friend or two. Haven’t you noticed how everybody wants to go for a ride in a Convertible? You’d be surprised at just how many conservative Utah natives would be willing to go topless.
There might not be a lot of logic, taking into consideration how many months out of the year Utah’s weather does not permit topless driving. However, the Ford Mustang is every bit as fun to drive with the top up. You’ll still have the speed and handling, as well as the commanding engine to get you around town in style. They might not be the most practical or spacious. If you’re looking for a more family friendly vehicle, there are other Ford options for you. But let’s face it…everyone wants a Mustang because Convertibles are awesome! It’s all about taste. You won’t have to go far to locate a Ford dealer near you.
Forget letting your hair down this summer. Take your top off!
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