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Toploader conversion

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I'm doing a 4 speed loader conversion on my 64 500 2 door fastback. The car is a factory Z code car, 3 speed manual OD on the column, 3.50 open rear. Being a brand X guy until I bought the Gal, I'm not very well schooled on what I would need to do the conversion, and any snakes that are involved in the process. I was curious to what I would be able to use as far as what came from the factory on the car...bellhousing, etc? I have been talking to a lot of old rodder's, but I keep hearing many different takes on the conversion from shafts to shifter placment on a bench seat, and everything else involved in the job. Before I go cutting a hole in the floor I'm hoping someone out there can set me straight on what I need to do in order to do a complete conversion. Thanks for all the advice and help.

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You need a top loader from a Galaxie. Not all top loader are the same. If you have a Galaxie top loader then it is a bolt in. Check out David Kee's Top loader site.
The later toploader cases have both bolt patterns, so you can use them in all years. If you want to run a late starter with your 64 bellhousing it will bolt up fine but you need to change the ring gear on the flywheel to a late model. It will fit.
Forgot to tell you about the two different size front bearing retainers for the toploader. You need the smaller one for your 64 bellhousing. Your can use the 3 speed bellhousing.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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