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So this is my first rebuild of my low milage 65 toploader, which has been leaking, and I have a few questions.

It appears much of my leaking originated from the top cover vent, which had the proper gasket installed in the correct orientation. However, I already have a tail housing vent so I read I could block off the top cover vent to stop this leak?

In the attached photos, are the red-circled areas, or any other areas, cause for concern? Since this trans only has 5k miles since a full standard rebuild, it appears the gears and even synchros are in good condition with minimal wear, and the trans has worked flawlessly. The only other issue is on the main case, one of the top cover bolt holes broke off, but with RTV on both sides of the gasket, it seals well. Also, I didn't keep track of the needle bearings, thrust washers, and two detents; does it matter if they're re-assembled in a different order/position or should I buy new?

I plan to buy a basic seal kit with all o-rings, gaskets, and seals then apply ARP thread sealant to bolts passing into the case and lightly apply RTV to both sides of the 3 main gaskets.

2020-02-09 19.52.43.jpg 2020-02-09 19.53.30.jpg 2020-02-09 19.53.39.jpg 2020-02-09 19.53.51.jpg 2020-02-09 19.54.01.jpg 2020-02-09 19.54.55.jpg 2020-02-09 19.55.44.jpg 2020-02-09 19.56.02.jpg 2020-02-09 19.57.14.jpg 2020-02-09 19.57.33.jpg
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