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TPS voltage setting.

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Need help again, does anybody know what the tps voltage should be when setting the idle? The big black Ford book the dealers use is useless as tits on a boar hog. Change is out, turn it 10-20 degrees your done, hooey. 93 ,5.0 L. I thought you set your idle, shut it off and then set the tps. .9980 volts I think?
Thanks, Jeff
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You want to set your tps as close to 1 with out actually going to 1. Actually I've always heard than anywhere from .90 to .99 is good. Just remember that a stock tps has very little adjustment in it. I think you need to open the mounting holes up to move it more. When I replaced mine I just fiddled with it back and forth until I got a decent number and then tightened it down.
Adjusting them can be a pain if you're after the absolute best driveability. Set the idle first. Disconnect the IAC and set your idle to around 700-750 RPM. Reconnect the IAC. Then you can adjust the TPS. A CEL will come on if it gets below .90 volts and above 1.0 volts, so anywhere in between is fine. .98 seemed to do the best in all of my previous experiences. Actually, it is best to set it with the engine up to operating temp and idling. Why idling? Sometimes the voltage will increase slightly because of alternator charging. Also, ideally you'd want to test the TPS voltage at the ECM for the most accurate results, but usually testing it at the TPS itself will be fine. If you plan to set it at .99 volts, it's better to test at the ECM....that way you'll be reading the voltage that the ECM actually sees. There is always a slight voltage drop through the wiring so if you set it at .99 at the TPS, it might be only .97 at the ECM.
Thanks for the info. It's @ .9980 but I can't remember if I disconnected the IAC? Anyway thanks again.
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