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Traction loss 1/2 Track

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I don't mind saying...I'm inexperienced as far as track time(Drag Racing), and have a question. I see time and time again in all the videos I have downloaded, traction loss at half track resulting in serious damage. My question is...In most cases, what causes these accidents? My guesses are: #1. Rear tire goes down (Guys running slicks to the bitter end without changing them?). #2. Vehicle slides in its own fluid (Water Overflow/Oil etc.). #3. loose car and or track( and driver pushes his luck?) Watching these videos over and over and almost always, the slightest bit sideways and they have lost it. Seems like if they would get their foot out of it (or I guess its called "peddling it&quot
they could save their investment. I will be having my investment on the track soon, and would like to hear from some experienced track goers, and their thoughts on these matters. Also, any input on 4-speeds (I have Line-Lock), water box(I'll have E/T streets), Christmas tree(Reaction Time)..etc...
Thanks in advance for any Experience & Knowledge you will have supplied!!!

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