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Several months ago, I purchased a '70 Falcon and moved it to the yard where I'm based, at one end of route as a Commercial Driver, and have been working on the mechanical aspects each time I've stopped at the yard.

Now, just as I've gotten her mechanically sound, I'm told that being transferred to another yard in the near future.

I always planned to install a trailer hitch on this beautiful car, so I could tow a vintage (likely AirStream) camper (a project I'd like to take on in the future), and my motorcycle.

With the situation now, I'm thinking I could get a set of transfer plates, equip her with the trailer hitch now, and use her to move my tools and supplies to the new yard, in addition to the car herself, instead of towing her and moving my stuff separately.

I was wondering, where could I either find a trailer hitch for a '70 Falcon or, where in or near Faribault, (Minneapolis) MN could I have one fabricated?

Thank you in advance for any information you could offer...
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