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This is a the way that I power the winch on my car trailer. Most people use a separate battery mounted in a box on the trailer to power the 12 volt winch. I also used that method until I had a couple of batterys stolen, or had them go dead at the worst possible moment. I use a heavy welding cable mounted on the truck to get power from the truck's battery. Quick connect welding cable ends are fitted to the truck and the trailer to allow quick connections to be made.The truck is left running during the winching operation so the truck's battery can recharge after you are done.

I use a master cut off switch mounted under the hood of the truck so that the long cable going to the back is only hot when you want to winch something up. A simple bracket made from angle iron does the trick nicely.

One side of the switch connects to the battery side of the starter solenoid, and the other side of the switch is for the cable that runs along the frame to the back of the truck. Make sure to keep the cable away from the exhaust and any moving parts.

The quick connect cable ends are simply held in place using a piece of steel tubing that is bolted or welded to the bottom of the bumper. The ground cable runs to the frame of the truck.

The trailer also gets two cables, one for the positive side of the winch, and one for a ground. The quick connect cable ends come in red and black, and I use red for positive(+) and black for negative(-). The trailer red is plugged into the red connector on the truck, and the trailer black is plugged into the trailer black on the truck.


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