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Trans Fluid Question

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I think I put Mercon fluid in my 62 Cruise-O-Matic....which accord to the book takes Type F. Oops.

Seems to shift fine, crisp and even. Low shift to second a little quicker than I am used to on other cars. Has anyone else used Mercon/DexronIII in their Cruiso's?

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Yup: I use Mercon-Dexron in all of my cars with no problems.
However: Type A and Type F are still available, and they seem to be a little thicker viscosity to me. Also they don't seem to have the additives that M-D does.
Thanks for the reply Ray,

I will leave the M/D in and see what happens after the summer heat gets here. Do you think a thicker type F would delay shifting? Could be the modulator also. After I snapped mine off during removal I used one from a 60's Ford truck. Just seems that the trans shifts from 1st to second a bit quick but again could be the rear end gearing left over from the 6 cyl. 3.89 to 1
You would get more input if this was put in the tech forum. Its where it belongs to be honest. Not flaming just stating the obvious.

I have read about this same thing (you can use the search to find out alot of things) and I made damn sure I went with Type F after my findings.
Well Pardon my Exhaust. Are you going to tell the rest of the guys that posted tech questions the same thing?
"Pardon my exhaust" LOL. Way to keep things car related 406 !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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