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Trans Rebuild

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Dropped off the Gal today for the rebuild. Picking up Tue nite or Wed morn. Feels kinda wierd with it not in the garage!
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I know that feeling...its not the same, but close to the feeling you get when your kids start going out and staying out, socializing, moving in with other young people. You worry until they come's almost a relief when they leave home for college or get married. At least you know not to expect them, nor wait for that dreaded phone call.

The good thing about it being a car, is even if you get "The phone call", at worst, it'll only be about costing you a little more money!

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Remind us....What is the stall on the convertor? What is your rear gear? If it is tight, it will not be in the powerband enough to overpower the tires. If it isn't bogging, then you are OK.
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