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transgo shift kit band adjustments

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So this weekend I put a transgo shift kit in my 78 c4 (case fill) and after getting the valve body back in it says to adjust the front and rear band adjustments

here is what it says

FRONT BAND: adjustment located on left side of case in front of control levers. Loosen locknut, tighten adjusting bolt 10-12ft/lb (snug with short wrench) and back it off 1 1/2 turns. Tighten locknut.

same for the rear band but it says back out 2 turns and tighten locknut.

So I follow the instructions the bolt is sticking out from the case and after I tighten the locknut I can still move the bolt around, I'm sure with vibration this bolt would move around easily.

should I just put the bolt back to where it was snug against the trans case?

Any suggestions guys?
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both bolts were all the way in and very tight when i went to make the adjustment, what effect is this going to have on the trans
how should the bolts feel at the right location?

they aren't loose but they can be moved by hand
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