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Transmission Yoke Question

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Are the transmission yokes the same or different for a C4 and small output shaft toploader????

I read a post that claims the toploader yoke is longer, and that if a C4 yoke is used with a MT, vibration problems may occur.

The reason I am asking is that I am about to order a yoke from Mark Williams, and the description is for a 28 spline C4.


I will be using this with my G-Force upgraded T5.
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FWIW - the driveshaft in my car is the one that came from Ford and the car was originally a three speed stick and an 8". It's now a C4 and a 9". Same driveshaft and yoke, never cut or modified. As long as the yoke is the correct spline and inserted in the trans the proper distance, there should be no problem.
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