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I am a retired transmission builder. I haven't touched a C4 in probably 25 years. I have a friends uncles C4 I'm looking at. He says it is a reverse pattern transbrake. The transmission has no reverse and no brake. It is approximately 20 year old build by A-1. (I can't find anything on them, they must be out of business) It's has a 351C in front running low 10's. They asked me to look at it because "no one would touch it".
The transmission is a bolt on bellhousing and a push in solenoid for the brake. The main case has a coarse thread rear band adjustment and a fine thread intermediate band adjustment.
I assumed that it probably broke the rear band, I was wrong.
Everything inside is in decent shape for its age and use. The rubber seals are still flexible. I still see builders jelly on some places, indicating it's running plenty cool. The direct clutch has some minor clutch distress. Still 5 full thickness frictions with a 1/4"-3/8" blackened line. Steels show some hotspotting. I'm replacing them with Raybestos HP frictions and Kolene steels. The pack has about .050 clearance. The VB is a genuine Ford upper and lower castings that have been modified. No billet top half or parts at all.
My real question is how can I ID the maker of the VB. I called Coan and they said it is not theirs. TransKing says it looks like theirs, but says it is not a reverse pattern shift valve. The customer says it's definitely a reverse shift pattern.
In other posts I have heard of a Winter's VB. Could someone please tell me more about this...
Sorry for the long post, I'm trying to make sure you guys have enough information. Thanks in advance for any and all comments.


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