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I'm right in the middle of a restoration, and I'm waiting on the body and paint guys to do their part (hope I don't die of old age before they get finished!)

The motor was what I'd call vintage performance -- a 289 at 10:1 with ported 69 Windsors, an Edelbrock F4B, and Holley 650 DP. The cam was REALLY vintage (read: old technology) so I decided to swap for something a little more current. I went with the XE274H, and will freshen up the rest of the valve train to match (valves, springs, retainers, roller rockers). Now I'm curious about how it'll run, and probably have months before I can run the combo to find out -- can anybody predict how it'll work?

As I said the old cam was OLD. Lift in the .460 range and 224 duration (intake and exhaust) at .050. But the seat to seat measurement was 304 degrees, using .002 for seat to seat. I went back and re-measured about 6 times to make sure I could repeat the measurements. LSA worked out to 112.

The XE274 is 274 degrees advertised to get 230 at .050 on the intake, and 280 adv. to get 236 on the exhaust. Both cams are hyd flat tappet. I've heard (more than once) that seat to seat duration has more influence on idle quality than .050. True? How will the new cam compare for lope and vacuum at idle? Can I start to think about rebuilding the brake booster I found in a box in the trunk when I bought the car?
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