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Hey guys

I was wondering if anyone makes upgraded 2" wide springs for the 60-63 Falcons and Rancheros.
(2.5" are easy to come by, but they won't fit the earlier cars)

General Spring in KC has a pretty reasonable what appears to be stock set:

Ideally I'd like to run reverse-eye and higher rate than stock (it's for my Lemons Ranchero).

I see the following sources, but they're really expensive:
Eckler's - $435
Eaton Detroit Spring - $520++ per pair

Obviously I could go with a full-custom from various suppliers, but I doubt those would come in cheaper than ~$500.

I've got a 2nd set of 2" springs are was thinking of making a mega-pack by combining some of those into my existing pack, but that'll probably raise the car, which is the opposite of what I want.
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