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URGENT Help identifying parts

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I am going to a huge All Ford swap meet tomorrow and I will be looking for an 8" 5-lug rear end to fit my 63 Falcon.

Can anyone tell me how I can ID any of the rear ends I find there to make sure they are an original 5-lug rear end out of a 63 Falcon/Comet. Can I look for any specific part numbers or should I go off of the width measurement? If width is the best method, what are the exact dimensions I should check and where on the housing should I measure.

If anyone can provide me with this info by tomorrow morning, I would greatly appreciate it.

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I don't know the measurements, but you want to know the distance flange to flange, leaf spring perch center to center. You can use a Mustang one I hear, but it is wider. I'll be at the swap meet too.

If you measure the 4 lug rear you have the dimensions will be the same.

I just found the stock rear is 56" that should be drum to drum. The 65/66 Mustangs are 57.25 and the perches should line up the same.

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I have a bare '63.5 Falcon V8 8 inch housing with no axles or brake backing plates installed. It measures 50 13/16" wide at the outside where the backing plates attach and 50 1/4" on the insdie of the flanges. The closest you might find to the '63 Falcon 8 inch would be a Maverick 8 inch which is only about 1/2 inch wider. A complete Maverick rear is 56 1/2 inches wide brake drum to brake drum at the wheel attach area. The Falcon will be less than this.The spring perches on both are 43" center to center. The Falcon perches are 2 1/4" wide,3 3/4" long,the Maverick's 2.5 wide,4 3/4 long. Also the Falcon has a fill plug on the back but the Maverick doesn't.

My Falcon has a custom built 9 inch housing built to '63 V8 width running 8 inch Maverick axles shortened about 1/4 inch each to fit. The Maverick axles are much beefier than the stock 63 Falcon axles but both are 28 spline.

There ya go. More info than you asked for. Hope you find what you are looking for.
Did you find one? I saw some 5 lug Rears there today(Saturday). Could of sworn I saw one you were looking for(60-63). I'll be at Buckeye Bldg stall 21-22. If I remember right it was in the Multifunction bldg, or the buckeye.

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