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Used brake pads

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I have a chance to buy used Hawk brake pads for my '88GT.
I'm worried that they would wear my rotors in an odd way since they already have a wear pattern for other rotors.
Should I pass on them and just buy new Hawks?
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Why would you mess with used pads????? Buy new ones.
are they only used for 30 miles or so? Go for it for $5 bucks that's fine... 1 year or more just get your own... what do they cost? and why this Hawk brand?

If they only have 30 miles put them on they will form to your rotors in a few miles anyway. They can't be worn enough to hurt your rotors.
Used pads. That is just sounding a little gross to me.

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I have used some used pads before. Just run the friction surfaces across the concrete (to remove the glaze) a little bit and put 'em in. Let 'em seat in and your good to go.

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They claim to have only 1000 miles on them. Hawk pads, for those of you who don't know, are very high quality pads and much better than the regular counter part store pads.
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