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Hey guys, I got suckered into this little Mustang project with a friend. Couple problems we ran into. First, we originally planned on using a 351w N/A but the rules don't allow many mods. Everyone has a 351w....or so it seems. Car is a '90 LX coupe, originally was a 2.3/5 speed. The class that we run is a heads-up radial tire class...and rules state that if you run a V8, no power adders are allowed. V6's are allowed one power adder and 4 bangers are allowed any combination of power adders.

I have an early (early 80's) 232" V6 (3.
out of a 80's F100 that is basically in my way. I was thinking that we might could make some decent power with it...with a turbocharger. I'm not new to turbos...been around 2.3s in my SVO and a few other odd V8 combos (even a JY turbo 304 Int'l V
. What I am wondering is if anyone knows where I can find some information on the 3.8's as far as performance goes. I know the factory heads are junk. I've got that covered already. What I need to know is where to find some parts...pistons, rods/cranks, etc. Ya'll got any suggestions?
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