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Hello, fairly new user, great site. I have a 69 351w with 69 heads, performer intake and Holley 600. I recently installed a Comp Extreme 4x4 with 210-218 in. and ex. .477-.493 lift. I had bought springs and keepers but long story short they ended up at the machine shop on my 1st set of heads. Htis engine and heads are from a rebuilder so I don'nt know anthing about them. I put the comp cams kit on the rockers that lets you adjust them which I have done ( though I think they may be too tight)My question is would it be possibly to put the old style nuts back on and just torque them down or should I stay with adjustable? It does'nt feel like it has much lowend torque and does,nt idle good. It does'nt soung cammy just rough. I tried adjusting carb. I've got base time at 10btdc but have yet to do a timing curve. I have 1 light and 1 heavy spring in dixxy with a 16 on reluctor stop. I know I don,nt have it setup right, I know this ain,t no drag car it's in a 71 F100. But I feel like it ought to still kick some but. Any help or suggestions appretiated.
Also am I ok with that cam and stock springs and keepers for a short while if I keep my foot out of it?
Thanks everybody. Clint

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