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So off into the weeds. I have my first few hours of operation on my new Compcam P/N 35-241-3 in a ‘89 351w block with ‘84ae heads. I started the swap out of break in valve springs for the Compcam prescribed P/N 942-16 springs. New springs are all of same height. Now these new springs match the height of the breakin INTAKE springs but the exhaust breakins are shorter. And the old springs on both of the rail type rocker set ups (intakes and exhaust) are short version. So if I put all (Int & Exh) of same height (taller) what is going to break if anything. Or is this how is this how it supposed to be? Where should I read about this? The “crate” engine didnt have a lot of info with it and because I changed cam/sprocket/springs, they are not going to offer any help now. (Not that I blame them)
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