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As some of you recall, my dads 67 stang, 289/C4, has been making a ticking noise. It is not there when you start it up cold, but it will slowly get louder as the car runs for a minute or two. I adjusted the hydralic lifters a couple of weeks ago. I took off both headers. All of the gaskets were sealed up good. I shined a flashlight up the collectors, and could not see any leaks. I unpluged one cylinder at a time, and ran it, and the tick was still there. With a hose to my ear, I heard it the most at the valve cover, and where the four tubes go into the collector. So now I am thinking its the valve train, and the noise is being carried through the exhaust?

I have the intake off now, and I was wondering what to look for. A collapsed lifter? How do I tell if its collapsed? Will it be obvious? Should I take all of the lifters apert? Should I check the preload first?It has the rail type rockers- the ones that dont use the head as a guideplate. Anything else?


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