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Can some one give me some general rules if any on how to build a sbf for a 3850lb car. I've had 3000-3200lb cars before with great luck but they were not subject to being mild mannered like this build needs to be.
This build would be an automatic/FMX, 3.15 rear and never see the high side of 6000 rpm. Car has a/c, ps, etc & needs to have good idle manners, stock stall @1500 rpm-ish.

Here are the parts I already have or I'm looking at now:
357W short block is already assembled with TRW forged 13 cc dished pistons arp studs & rod bolts
Ede RPM's or Afr 185's
RPM intake
1 5/8 shorties
670 Holley Avenger
Cam? custom or off the shelf? flat tappet
Duraspark Dizzy
I'm trying to get the best tq & hp I can out af a close to stock idle
Any suggestions appreciated
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